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Ferne Park (green/grey) v Trewsbury (blue/yellow).
Fnal Score: Ferne Park 9 - Trewsbury 8

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AAG_3523Vere HarmsworthAAG_3538polo actionVere Harmsworth playing polopolo actionclose up of Ignacio Negri in actionDave Allen polo player in actionAAG_3539Polo players girlfriendViscount Rothermere 3 piece suit minus jacket, white shirt, walking towardsIgnacio Negri stood with mallet over shoulder and bottle of water in handMatt Perry wearing red polo helmet Ona sportsgloveVere Harmsworth on horsebackDSC01143AAG_3654polo action Ignacio Negri scoring a goalJonathan Harmsworth, Viscount Rothermere at a polo matchpolo actionpolo action