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The Eduardo Rojas Lanusse Cup Semi-Final
Although his maximum handicap was 6 goals, he competed in numerous important competitions; culminating his sports career by winning the 1937 Open Argentine Championship, performing for Hurlingham alongside Juan D. Nelson, Roberto Cavanagh and Lewis L. Lacey. He also won the Manuel Belgrano, in 1929), Province of Buenos Aires(1946), Joseph Drysdale (1946), Chamber of Deputies (1952). And he was a precursor in the Argentina v. Brazil for the Presidente Vargas Cup. . Later he was a director of the AAP and, due to his forays into England, and became a well known face alongside the Tomlinsons at Down Farm, today he is honored at The Beaufort Polo Club with a trophy bearing his name.
Semper Anticus (blue/white) v Wildebeest (white/grey)
Final score: Semper Anticus 4 - Wildebeest 6½

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